intersections: get through safely

It can be easy to forget how complicated intersections are. That's why it's worth taking a few extra seconds to look around. You could spot a last second pedestrian or oncoming traffic you didn't know was there. It'll even help give other people time to see you. Knowing the road is clear before you go will help keep you and your family safer.

To learn more about the challenging intersections in your area, we've developed a few online apps to help you out.

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Intersections can get challenging. With four different directions of traffic merging into one point, getting through safely can be difficult. But there are some intersections that are more challenging than others. This could be from rush hour traffic or because the intersection is connected to a major road

Find the top five challenging intersections on your next trip. Click each marker for helpful tips.

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Sometimes going from A to B can be more difficult than you think. Lanes and traffic signals help guide us safely through intersections. But with so much going on, the unexpected has a way of happening.